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The M250 / LS200 Sidecarmotorcycle   Manufactured  1953        [Technical datasheet]
       A place in the living room       and from the other side      ADLERWERKE 1. Mai 1996
    Adlermeeting Gelnhausen    Adlermeeting Gelnhausen           Exhibition TÜV Wiesbaden
     Exhibiton Sinsheim 98/99       Exhibition Sinsheim 98/99           Exhibition Veterama Okt. 97
Service must be
     Well equiped workbench          The right tools  (Generator Information)
A nice place to work  I     A nice place to work  II
Exotic Accessory       (Brandnew original Frankfurter Töpfe (Special Exhaustpipes) found at Mainz  - sold !)
    Looked good !      Could not be used because of sidecar      The interrior of the original