How it all started
       Polaroid shot taken in 1990 of the M250 ADLER 2-stroke with Steib LS200 Sidecar manufactured in 1953   [Click image to enlarge] 
I started in 1974 with a 1955  BMW R25/3,  which I sold disassembled 1988. In the meantime I rode a Yamaha DT 400 Enduro and 
a Yamaha XS 650. In 1990 I saw the ADLER M 250 with sidecar in Oberursel on my way to work. It took a long conversation and heavy negotiations with the owner to convince him to sell it to me. I had to promise to keep the motorcycle.  It had new paint, with the gold lines of plastic tape, and mechanically it was in poor condition. The front and rear suspension was defective, it had the wrong front sprocket ( 14 teeth instead of 13 for running with sidecar), no original scews, gearshift , lightswitch, exhaust pipes, defective bearings, defective gaskets etc.  But  something special came with it - a tank gearchange for handicapped riders, which was available in 1953 for DM 30,00 ($ 7.50) in the ADLER accessory list. Anyway the motorcycles was nearly in operational condition. The biggest problem was the electrical system. Even with new wiring it took quite a while before it ran properly. It took about four years to restore the motorcycle and the sidecar to nearly 95 % originality. The golden lines have been painted by me with 40 years old original pinstriping brushes. The motorcycle with sidecar is approved to be run with 1 driver and 2 passengers. One year later, in 1991, I purchased a model M150 from a friend. The engine was completely disassembled, but the most important part, the crankshaft got somehow lost. In 1994 I bought a crankcase with a crankshaft. In 1997 an  ADLER friend managed to open the crankshaft. The crankshaft lock (Hirth System) could not be opened with the original tool. A second ADLER friend restored the crankshaft. A third ADLER friend reassembled the engine. At that time we did not know if the engine would run. For the help I received from my friends, I did line painting on some of their motorcycles. To restore the M150 we needed more time. The front and rear fenders had been repaired but not painted yet. All of the chrome had to be redone, about 114 parts. All the rest, the common things like rubber parts, bearings, spokes, wheels, electric wiring - no sweat, we will make it. It's just a question of when.  Anyhow, the motorcycles frame number is 60001, the very first M 150 which was manufactured in series 1953 ! In April 1999 we started over again, purchased a whole bunch of parts like tires etc. and in July 1999 we started to assemble the motorcycle. All parts were now painted, lined and received new chrome. With help from other ADLER friends and their special tools and here and there small parts, we managed the have the motorcycle nearly ready by August 4th, 1999. The engine needed another gasket and then it ran. By August 18th, 1999 the motorcycle was newly registered for the road and presented at the 26th ADLER Annual Meeting. At the meeting we had a lot of trouble with the engine, a lot of smoke, and not the power we expected. After the meeting the engine was overhauled again. Gearbox, clutch, ignition and carburettor adjustments done, cylinder cleaned from three piston scores and now the engine runs OK. 

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