The art of pinstriping and airbrush [Click the small image to enlarge]
    Tank of M 250 / MB250    Fenders M 250 / MB250    Fenders M 250 / MB250
    Fenders M 250 / MB250      M 250 / MB250 complet   Sidecar fender LS200
  Pinstriped  DKW RT125      Tank NSU QUICK     Fender NSU QUICK
   Set of drag-brushes    MB250  February 2000    Horncover
   Rear fender MB250     Pinstriping  a 16 " weel    Pinstriping a 16 " weel
     Tank BMW R 25/2        Tank Wanderer       Fender Wanderer / BMW R 25/2
  Hercules 317 completely lined    Hercules 317 Chromtank striping   A lined SUZUKI tank with logo
 Tank MB250  Chain - and hornbox  Frontfender

Airbrush on T-Shirts, ADLER-Racingtank and scateboard
      ADLER T-Shirt (blue/silver)   NSU T-Shirt (blue/silver)   ADLER Cross / Diedenbergen 1998
  The ADLER Cross motorcycles   Brushing of the ADLER  logo   That's the way it look's
  A T-Shirt for a scuba-friend   for a Virago girl-driver   Etienne's scateboard with space design